DEEPsound In-Ear-Monitors

If you would like us to make a pair of In-Ear-Monitors for you, please email us, or arrange a call and we will be happy to talk you through the process. We are not making them en-masse yet, we are still doing them on a strictly one-on-one basis.

A different and more affordable way for stage musicians and singers to get custom-fitted bespoke IEMs for £80 / €90 / $100.

And for people in the general public, who enjoy a full sound, the price is less as their kit does not include a Bluetooth transmitter: £60 / €70 / $80.

For more information, please email me, John Bradley.

One of Our Custom-Fitted Earbuds – that you make at home.
The is where the magic lies … in the special material for making the custom-fitted earbuds